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We’re excited about the opportunity to work with Spark! and RockRMS as they integrate our suite of TrueWiring© assessment tools.

Here are some notes you may want to refer to during Greg’s presentation at RX2018:  Download

There are no cookie cutters in use here! We are tenacious in our approach to create assessments that fit the well-differentiated, yet unique attributes you bring to your role. We look at a variety of factors before recommending a battery of instruments to measure the indicators required.

We create psychometrically valid and reliable assessment instruments to paint a robust image of your unique wiring. This suite of instruments is interrelated and when properly reviewed provides incredible insight into your unique TrueWiring©.

DISC—An assessment of your behavioral needs as identified in four Scales: Direct, Influence, Stable, and Careful.  These four factors dramatically influence the way you will act in the context of a team to accomplish a task.
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Spiritual Gifts (SG)—An assessment of your unique abilities given to you by the Holy Spirit at conversion for expanding the Kingdom by building up the Body of Christ.
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Conflict Profile (CP)—An assessment of your learned skills in dealing with conflict. Jesus approached conflict in a variety of ways and so must we. This instrument identifies your preferred and supporting methods for addressing conflict.
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Emotional Intelligence Inventory (EQ-W)—An assessment of your developed skills in two domains: understanding your own emotions and those of others. This instrument identifies your ability to appropriately express your emotions while encouraging others to do the same.
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Motivators Inventory (M-W)—An assessment of the internal drivers which cause you to value one way of viewing conditions over another. Motivators dramatically influence the way you construe a situation and therefore will influence how you see your options in any context.
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We are all uniquely wired. Each of these lenses significantly impacts the other. Understanding the interrelationship of multiple assessments is where science meets art. This is why we call ourselves Creative Assessment Architects.

Contact us about implementing an assessment suite we have available, customizing the set, or developing something specifically for your organization.

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