How are you wired?

Our unique approach to developing assessment instruments comes from years of experience with thousands of individuals and organizations.

There are no cookie cutters in use here! We are tenacious in our approach to create assessments that fit the well-differentiated, yet unique attributes you bring to your role. We look at a variety of factors before recommending a battery of instruments to measure the indicators required.

In developing TrueWiringTM, we sought to create psychometrically valid and reliable assessment instruments to paint a robust image of your unique wiring. This suite of instruments is interrelated and when properly reviewed, provides incredible insight into your unique TrueWiringTM.

DISCw — This instrument addresses your behavioral needs as identified in four scales: Dominant, Influential, Steady, and Conscientious. These four factors dramatically influence the way you will act in the context of a team to accomplish a task. [Learn More]

Emotional Intelligence (EQw) — This instrument is an assessment of your developed skills in two domains: your own emotions and those of others. This instrument identifies your ability to appropriately identify, understand, and articulate your emotions while developing the same skills with others. [Learn More]

Conflict Profile (CPw) — This instrument helps you gain insight into your learned skills in dealing with conflict by identifying your preferred and supporting styles for addressing conflict. Many successful leaders approach conflict in a variety of ways based on the situation, and so must we. [Learn More]

Motivators (Mw) — This instrument identifies internal factors that drive you. These motivators influence your personal, professional, social, and every other part of your life because they influence what you view as important, which impacts the way you lead and view any situation. [Learn More]

We are all uniquely wired. Each of these lenses significantly impacts the other. Understanding the interrelationship of multiple assessment instruments is where science meets art. This is why we call ourselves Creative Assessment Architects.

Contact us about implementing an assessment suite we have available, customizing the set, or developing something specifically for your organization.