The TrueWiring-DISC addresses your behavioral needs as identified in four Scales: Dominant, Influential, Steady, and Conscientious. These four factors dramatically influence the way you will act in the context of a team to accomplish a task.

  • D: Dominant — How you approach problems and/or tasks
  • I: Influential — How you approach new people or contacts
  • S: Steady — How you approach pace
  • C: Conscientious — How you approach procedures, rules and/or details

The TrueWiring-DISC instrument provides a profile for your natural (preferred setting) and adaptive (current environment) behavioral styles. While an individual can operate short term with two very different styles, over time, stress from the variance will affect their performance. In a preferred situation, the two styles should approximately align or be only slightly different. This instrument measures behavior. One’s behavior can be influenced by the culture they operate in which impacts their adapted graph.

[Download the DISC Handout]