TeamFit is a unique exercise created by Healthy Growing Leaders to enhance the performance of existing teams. This multifaceted approach is used to engage a team and help them identify and appreciate the unique gifts, and strengths each member contributes toward success. Every team member gives and receives feedback on their unique way of thinking, their approach to work, their values, roles, and leadership styles all within the context of contributing to others on the team. The health and effectiveness of the process depend on the guidance provided by experienced facilitators for a safe, honest, and positive environment.

This process involves five rounds of giving and receiving transparent observations of each other’s behavior on the team. It is usually only after the second or third round that a level of honest reflection begins to coalesce. This time inevitably results in greater self-awareness and more importantly team awareness. At times, individuals may see themselves on a different “seat on the bus” in Jim Collin’s terms (Good to Great) or on a different bus entirely.

The ultimate outcome of the exercise is that a team functions much more like a team because every member can articulate what they bring to the group as well as what is expected of them from each other. This is where synergy begins to replace silos.