Financial Health Assessment

We’ve created a Financial Health Assessment (FHA) to help diagnose your financial health. We all should periodically have physical “checkups” with our medical doctors to evaluate our current physical health. The doctor uses a number of instruments to evaluate health indices such as blood pressure, cholesterol index, heart rate, EKG, etc. This instrument is designed to focus on financial health. The FHA is just the beginning of a process to help you gather information in an honest search for better financial health.

The FHA is intended to be transformative by giving you and your financial coach the information needed to evaluate your attitude toward finances, aspirations of wealth, and your actions in handling your money. This instrument is intended to be used by those who believe it is important to practice what the New Testament taught us about money. It is further biased to be relevant to leaders and pastors of churches. If you do not fit into one of these three categories, feel free to take the instrument. But the norms which your scores are compared with will reflect these factors.

This instrument is both reliable and valid, based upon a long process of design, development, and research. You will be asked to fill in specific financial amounts listed on the worksheet below, then enter those values as you begin the FHA. The instrument includes 35 multiple-choice items followed by some rank order lists of financial options.

All of this data will then be used to generate your final FHA report. We highly recommend you review this report with your financial coach.

If you’re interested in taking the FHA, please complete the form below and one of our staff will contact you and provide the appropriate link to get started.