Blessing Ranch Instrument Development

Thank you for taking the time to help Blessing Ranch Ministries and Healthy Growing Leaders create a new assessment to help Christian leaders identify key strengths and weaknesses for insight into their story. This one-of-a-kind assessment is being built as a complement to the upcoming book, Unhindered: Align the Story of Your Heart, by Drs Charity Byers and John Walker, Blessing Ranch Ministries. 

As a thank you, once you’ve completed the five sections of the assessment you’ll be receiving an advance, digital copy of their new book.

This assessment is designed to help leaders understand how the story of their heart consists of elements that are woven together: Heart Logic, Heart Shapers, Sore Spots, Small s Strategies, Rules of Living, Life Outcomes, and Character. Each instrument is designed to provide insight into one aspect of your wiring to help leaders rewrite their story.

As you help us during the “reliability” stage of development, please respond to the items honestly on yourself. You will not receive any results, but your responses help us run statistical reliability tests on each of the items.  This assessment should take approximately one hour and 15 mins to complete.  But, once you sign-up, your progress will be saved.

To get started, register for your own TrueWiring Development dashboard. The only requirements for someone to take it are: be honest in their responses concerning themselves and over 18 years of age.

As you complete the instruments, you’ll be prompted to provide feedback if desired. Once all five are completed, we’ll send you the free ebook from Blessing Ranch Ministries.