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Anderson County CJCC Community Survey

The Anderson County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) champions an effective criminal justice system that dignifies individuals, creates connections between community needs and public service, and provides productive pathways toward an improved quality of life.

In case you are not familiar with us, the Anderson County CJCC formed in November of 2017 with official meetings beginning in March 2018. 

The mission of the CJCC is to assist in making sustainable, data-driven improvements to the local criminal justice system and thereby improve public safety and community well-being. The CJCC strives to achieve a local criminal justice system that is increasingly effective, equitable, and efficient. 

The CJCC’s 2020 strategic plan will build on progress to-date and identify further areas for improvement. Data findings, regularly published in reports, and related best practices in the field, will form the foundation of the plan. The CJCC is also working to raise awareness of its efforts within the Anderson community and better understand community priorities in improving our local justice system. Collectively, data findings and community priorities will inform the development of the next strategic plan and sharpen focus in the areas that need the most attention. Your input will help shape the course for the CJCC’s 2020 strategic plan and have a positive impact on improving our Criminal Justice System in Anderson County.

Thank you again for participating in the survey and providing your feedback! It will take approximately 3 minutes to complete. Results will be used to set the course for the CJCC’s 2020 strategic plan.


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